Program Information:
Tuition is due by the first of the month.  Auto pay/debit cash or check is acceptable.  Tuition not paid by the 10th will accrue late fees.  For unusual circumstances please contact the front desk or email
Classes are NOT offered on major holidays.  Tuition pays for program costs.  Classes missed due to holidays have already been accounted for in our program calendar.
Withdrawal NOTICE:  You must give at least 10 day notice in person to the front desk or via email to or you will be charged for the next month’s tuition.
As with any children’s program tuition is required until appropriate notice is given for reason of staff, class ratio’s, budgeting, and program planning.  Verbal noticers given to the coaches on the floor coaching do NOT meet this requirement.
Arriving for Class:
  • Be dressed in appropriate gym attire.  Girls: Leotard is best (found at Walmart or Target) or can be booty shorts and t-shirt or leggings.  Have your child sit in straddle on the floor and look to be sure their modesty is protected.    Boys a t-shirt and shorts is sufficient.
  • Be punctual!  Proper warm up is crucial for the prevention of injuries.
  • Remember to sanitize your hands as you enter the gym floor area.
  • Be respectful to the class before/after your class and remain in the waiting areas.
  • For those who wear beads in your hair.  We LOVE the look BUT please keep in mind that the placement of the beads on the top of the head can make tumbling painful!!
Gym Etiquette
  • Please supervise & keep siblings off the equipment/tumbling floors (also escort small children to the potty for safety/hygiene).
  • No shoes on the training floors/mats.
  • Please use inside voices/keep volume down on gadgets etc.
  • Please CLEAN up after your family.
Make UPS
We offer Make ups as a COURTESY and only 1 per month.  Tuition will not be adjusted for missed classes.    Your make up MUST be scheduled through the front desk 336-815-1688 or
If you fail to show up for a scheduled make up then it is forfeit.
Inclement weather please check Facebook or call.  We do NOT follow the schools.  Missed classes due to weather will have make ups offered.
Tuition (Effective June 1, 2023)

Matinee classes are purchased by the class which is great for homeschoolers, gymnasts wanting extra workout time or make ups! Registration fee still applies

Recreational Classes

Price adjustment beginning in June:
One class per week $85 per month
Two classes per week $136 per month (save $34)
Three classes per week $195 per month (save $60)
Family of two $160 per month
Family of three $220 per month
Family of four $272 per month
Matinee $19 per class
Play Groups $6 cash or $7 card per visit
Punch cards $40 for 8 visits (save $8)
Birthday Parties $225 for members (90 mins slot) deposit required
$250 non members (90 mins slot) deposit required
Tuition is due on the first of each month
Late FEES $25 will be imposed on the 11th of each month
Registration fees of $35 per person or $55 per family
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Pfafftown NCĀ