Gymnastics is one of the greatest sports available to children and one of the few that addresses the components and skills of fitness.

When children come to our gym our goal is to use developmental gymnastics as a foundation for movement,  While children are having fun, they are learning lessons about movement, physical fitness, respect, and perseverance that last a lifetime.,  At Old Town Gymnastics Academy, we offer recreational beginner, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics.  We also have a competition team, pre-team, and tumbling classes.  It is our top priority to provide a safe, positive, secure, and loving environment in which children are encouraged to explore and excel at their own pace.

Here at Old Town Gymnastics Academy, we offer educational gymnastics programs to help our students refine their skills, bond with others, and most importantly, have fun! If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our programs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, here is a brief overview of what we offer:

Beginners:  (all ages) No prior tumbling/gymnastic experience
     This class introduces basic tumbling skills, body shapes, conditioning and formal gymnastic apparatus.
Learning *log roll
                *egg rolls (sideways/back)
                *forward roll
               *back roll (down incline)
                *transfer of body weight
                *strength & conditioning hollow body, superman, planks, ab work
Level 1: (all ages)
               forward roll straddle
               forward roll flat back
               backward roll (wedge/mat)
               bridge up
               L kicks
               T lever
                handstand flatback
                straight jump
               tuck jump
Level 2:  (ages 6-15)
               executes forward roll to stand
               cartwheels R/L
                candlestick to stand
                 backward roll to pike stand/push up position
                 backbend to stand
                 bridge kick over
                 handstand hold 1 second
                 handstand forward roll
                 front limber
                back walkover
                hollow and blocking
                split jump
Level 3: (ages 6-15)
               executes handstand forward roll st. arm
                round off rebound
               back- bend pull up
               round off BHS
               tuck drills
               backward roll st. arm pike/push up
               back & front walk overs
               cartwheel arial
Level 4:  (6-15)
               executes handstand st arm forward roll
               handstand walk across the floor
                round off BHS BHS
                round off tuck
                standing tucks
                back extension roll st. arm
                beginning twist drills
               front arial walk over

 When working with our expert coaches, children are able to get the personalized instruction that they need in order to progress their skills at a reasonable pace.  Ensuring the safe movement of our gymnasts is our top priority.  We focus on correct form and movement building to the most complex gymnastic skills

6775 Reynolda Rd
Pfafftown NC