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We have some wonderful gymnastics programs available!

Here at Old Town Gymnastics Academy, we offer educational gymnastics programs to help our students refine their skills, bond with others, and most importantly, have fun! If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our programs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, here is a brief overview of what we offer:

Gymnastics Programs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • Advanced skills—Is your child ready to take their gymnastics skills to the next level? Have them join us for one of our advanced skills classes and come ready to work on the spring floor, bars, and beam with like-minded gymnasts.
  • Private classes—If you feel like your child could benefit from private gymnastics instruction, we offer private classes. Please call us to discuss what you are looking for and to schedule a time to work one-on-one with one of our qualified teachers.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop a child’s self-esteem by providing many success experiences in a fun & supportive environment, without emphasis on competition.  Gymnastics develops strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and reading skills.  Our Tumble Bear Program was created to promote the development of reading readiness, gross motor and fine motor skills. Laterality, directionality, hand-eye coordination and more are just some of the components of reading readiness and are used in abundance in developmental gymnastics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use developmental gymnastics as a vehicle to bring self-discipline and self-confidence, character, responsibility, and a Christian attitude to our children. We pledge to provide our students a fun, safe well-structured, and physically exerting program, always within the scope of our philosophy and program goals.

Our Community Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a role model for all youth-oriented sports/programs. We work hard to offer the finest in cleanliness, friendliness, and service. We continually strive to provide our families with a safe and innovative program.

 Why Take Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a beautiful and powerful sport. Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are the physical aspects: the amazing power, the unparalleled balance, and injury-preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the greatest benefits are of the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail and concentration. But all experts agree that gymnastics is the foundation of all other sports! OTGA believes in the “Joy of Movement” and that this “Joy” comes from within and needs to be encouraged and cultivated whether the gymnasts have natural ability or struggles with fitness. OTGA believes that we should move for our own physical health and enjoyment and that becoming a competitive a gymnast is secondary to those goals – but it is the “Joy” that gets them there!

The Importance of Fun!

Many people feel that when fun is present, learning is not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Acquiring healthy attitudes about learning is far more important than the mastery of specific sport kills. In our case, gymnastic skills are used as tools to teach learning attitudes and to cultivate self-confidence. The main reason children participate in sports is to have FUN! The main reason children quit sports is an overemphasis on winning by the parents/coach!

 Gymnastic Programs Offered

Preschool, Developmental/Recreational, Tumbling, Pre-Team, Competition Gymnastics (Xcel & Compulsory) Privates & Semi-Privates


“Learning to Move” is the motto for our pre-school program. Classes and activities are structured with specific goals for each class/group. Classes are planned to accommodate the various developmental levels of each group and incorporates developmental gymnastics, creative movement, yoga style stretching and sports skills. Classes begin with a warm-up, work on apparatus, and conclude with a group activity such as parachute. Pre-school classes are grouped by age, this is the age where children develop their: “Love to Learn Attitude”. Providing multiple successes in a non-competitive, fun, loving environment is key for this attitude to develop, along with high 5’s from the coach and hugs from the parents!

Play Group (Walking-age 5)….A playful open gym with emphasis on exploration and socialization. Centers around age-appropriate activities. Parent participation is required.

Tumble Bear Classes (ages 3 to 5)…..Imagination comes to life with mountains to climb and rivers to swim, this class has strong emphasis on social skills and group involvement. Classes center around age-appropriate activities and begins the introduction to formal gymnastics and body shapes. Special props, music and small equipment will also be incorporated to enhance learning and FUN!

Pre-Team (ages 4 to 8)…..This group is really beginning to “Learn to Move” and “Move to Learn” Their physical challenges are becoming more rewarding as their unsuccessful attempts are seen for what they are…a normal part of learning gymnastics. Skill acquisition becomes more challenging as more focus is placed on formal gymnastics, tumbling and conditioning. This class marks the transition to competition gymnastics and is by invitation only!

Developmental/Recreational Youth Gymnastics Programs

Beginners Class/Level 1 (ages 6 to 15)…..This class introduces basic tumbling and dance skills, body shapes, conditioning and formal gymnastic apparatus. No prior tumble/gymnastic experience.

Level 2 (ages 6 to 15)…..executes forward roll to stand, cartwheels R/L, round-off, candlestick to stand, bridge kick-overs, handstand hold 1 sec., handstand forward roll, straight jump, split jump, backward roll to pike stand/push up position.

Level 3 (ages 6 to 15)…..executes handstand forward roll st. arm, round-off-rebound, round-off BHS, backward roll st. arm pike/push up, back & front walkovers, ariel.

Level 4 (ages 6 to 15)…..executes handstand st. arm forward roll, round-off BHS BHS, standing tucks, back extension roll st. arm FHS, ariel, lay-outs.

Competition Team (ages 6 to 15)… invitation only.

Note: Skill progressions are based on USAG Jr. Olympic Compulsory Floor Skills for Levels 1-4 and are subject to change per USAG.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe environment in which children can learn more than just gymnastics, but also learn teamwork while building a solid foundation for excellence. We would love to tell you more about our class requirements. For more information, please contact us today!


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