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Gain balance and have fun while learning ballet from our instructors!

Ballet is a wonderful form of exercise that teaches students more than just how to plié or dance in toe shoes. When a student learns ballet, they are also learning life skills, such as patience, persistence, teamwork, and joy in movement. Here at Old Town Gymnastics Academy, we want everyone who wants to learn to come and learn ballet with us! Our studio is available for children of different skillsets and abilities, and we would love to have those in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area come and dance with us.

Ballet in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our ballet instructors are trained and experienced, ensuring that your dancer will have a positive learning experience. Although the regulations for dance instruction studios state that there needs to be one instructor for every ten students, we go above and beyond for our dancers and provide a 1:4 ratio instead. This allows every dancer to have a good experience and plenty of individualized attention and instruction throughout every dance class.

When your dancer comes to our academy, they can enjoy a variety of different activities for their education and fun. We offer ballet, gymnastics, jazz and other types of dance for those who are looking to hone their skills in one form of dance as well as those who have diverse interests. Whether your dancer is focused on ballet or just wants to try dance, we have options that will suit their needs.

Our wonderful ballet instructors have professional backgrounds, proven teaching methods, and delightful skills in balancing fun and learning. If you have questions about our ballet instruction or would like to learn more, please contact us today.

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